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I was thinking of listing features for each product but most won't be able to remember every feature per product. Instead, I want to say that my role as your agent is to exercise my professional judgement to determine the best option(s) for your specific financial situation and intention(s). This is a starting point for discussion in mitigating your risks while pursuing your financial goals. Please click this blue link to phone me when you're ready to brainstorm solutions made specifically for your family's situation.


Let me add that some don't believe in life insurance, especially a salesman. Let me provide an unbiased perspective. Below is a lawyer's experience with insurance.



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Why engage my services?

I help clients with intergenerational wealth transfer using our country's laws while managing financial and other risks and opportunities. With my professional accounting, finance, and insurance education & experience, my ethical business practice will be an asset towards your best interest. For a discovery call, my phone number is 604.781.0852.

Originally trained as a Certified General Accountant, I learned that a professional has a duty of care to society first before his or her own individual self-interest. This also applies to any "agent". And in my experience living/growing up in the Philippines, my vision (as a professional risk/life insurance agent) is to lower poverty by educating our society on why risk management is the key to helping make the plans materialize with the appropriate tools. Since risk management is tied to investments (such as stocks, bonds, and real estate), wealth creation and growth will also be part of that education process.

In that light, my mission is to uphold my ethical and professional standards as I strive to make a difference in my clients' lives.




REPLY TO:   Rosalyn D. Manthorpe

Fall 2004   

My lawyer is not an insurance salesperson – what can she tell me about insurance?

You are right; I do not sell insurance.  However, my experience in estate planning, business law, and real estate financing has revealed to me many interesting and creative uses for insurance. 

It is first of all necessary to remember that insurance is about more than just “replacing my car after an accident”, “rebuilding my house after a fire”, or “providing money for my family after I have died”.  Obviously those types of insurance are important, but the industry has expanded in the last decade and is now about more than just traditional insurance coverage.

Consider the following:

Critical Illness and Disability Insurance in case you develop one of the “biggies” in terms of health disasters and need money for treatment, renovation of your home to accommodate a disability, or income to replace your employment income while you are sick or disabled.  If this is not of concern to you, can you think of a family member who has such responsibilities?

Insurance to fund the requirement to provide maintenance to minor children of a previous marriage.  Could your new spouse afford or be willing to continue to make those payments?

Insurance to fund a trust with provisions to support a minor or special needs child or grandchild. Alternatively, an annuity for them may be established,  providing for management of their funds.

Insurance sufficient to cover the value of the mortgage on your home or other debts.  This can often be arranged through the lender, but usually a better rate and more flexibility come from arranging an independent policy. 

Insurance to provide funds to be donated to a charity in your name, rather than looking to your estate to cover that obligation or being concerned that the estate may not be sufficient to provide for charitable donations after necessary payments to your dependents.

Life insurance and critical illness insurance on the life of your business partner, to provide the funds to pay out their share of the value of the business without compromising the business or requiring that it be sold.  Along the same lines, life insurance might be taken out with the specific purpose of funding income tax liabilities arising from the deemed disposition of your investments upon your death.

There are income tax and creditor laws which may give investments made through insurance companies (for example, term deposits and “segregated funds”) special tax, liability, estate planning, and creditor-proofing advantages. 


Bottom Line:  Given the many types of insurance products and the competition in the market, insurance products are generally a cost effective investment and should be seriously reviewed with your financial planner or qualified insurance advisor.


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