Our Story

Dizon Group provides professional insurance and real estate trading services based in British Columbia, Canada. Founded by Ramon R. Dizon, Dizon Group employs a world-class advising team to help our clients make the best use of their financial products.


Ramon knows that today's consumers want to be educated and to understand how to maximize their return on investment. They want security, tax savings, and a comfortable retirement. What Ramon does is make sense of complicated jargon and gives his clients the facts so they can make informed choices. As a former Certified General Accountant and mortgage sub-broker, Ramon has an extensive background in finance. Whether the need is business / personal insurance or retirement planning, he is able to provide clients with vital facts on insurance, and investment products, creating concrete retirement strategies. Ramon takes a top-down approach to analyzing financial instruments to ensure the original intent is fulfilled. He offers a free insurance and real estate investment review for people who want to determine if their current plan will meet their needs. Ramon may also offer recommendations for consideration if requested.

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