Being a professional insurance advisor, I thought I should share with you what a "professional" means (before I continue with my corporate mission).

A "professional", by definition, has a duty of care to society first before his/her individual self-interest.

Corporate Mission

In light of my life experience in the Philippines, my mission (as a "professional" life insurance advisor) is to lower poverty by educating our society about how insurance really works, at a mutually convenient time and place. Since insurance is tied to investments, my passion for investments runs just as deep.

My mission is to uphold the life insurance profession's ethical standards as I strive to make a difference in people's lives.n

Company Profile

Dizon Insurance & Investments Inc. was incorporated on February 3, 2005 in British Columbia, Canada by its Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Ramon R. Dizon. He wanted to be a stock broker in 1989 after graduating from B.C. Institute of Technology's Financial Management Diploma Program. Having an interest in the stock market and wanting to gain financial expertise, he decided to work in a financing company and become a certified accountant. In 2002, Ramon reviewed his strengths and weaknesses. He realized he was ready to start his company (leveraging his strengths in income tax, financial management, and strategic management) to help others make the best use of their financial products. With that in mind, he licenced Dizon Insurance And Investments Inc. as a sickness, accident, and life insurance brokerage firm.

Ramon R. Dizon is an insurance and financial services advisor who knows that today's consumers want to be educated and to understand how to maximize their return on investment. They want security, tax savings, and a comfortable retirement.

What Ramon does is make sense of complicated jargon and gives his clients the facts so they can make informed choices. As a former accountant and mortgage sub-broker, Ramon has an extensive background in finance. Whether the need is business / personal insurance or retirement planning, he is able to provide clients with vital facts on insurance, and investment products, creating concrete retirement strategies.

Ramon takes a top-down approach to analyzing financial instruments to ensure the original intent is fulfilled. He offers a free insurance and investment review for people who want to determine if their current plan will meet their needs. Ramon may also offer recommendations for consideration if requested.

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