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If you plan to spar or compete
, you must join Boxing BC Association at $55.00 ($38.50 for minors) per year. (All fees are for the calendar year though applications received September 1 to December 31 expire on December 31 of the following year. There is no pro-rating of membership to The Canadian Amateur Boxing Association.)

This fee gives you:
- Ability to test yourself in controlled sparring at other Chartered Boxing Clubs around BC
- Entry to exhibition bouts (for competitive members)
- Entry to sanctioned bouts (for competitive members)
- Entry to Provincial Tournaments* (such as Provincial Championships, Golden Gloves, Silver Gloves, Bronze Gloves, Diamond Belt, etcetera)
- Entry to larger competitions, such as Canadian National Championships*, International Tournaments*, The Olympics*, etcetera.

*You must qualify in your weight division to progress to these bouts. See "News" tab for details.

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